Money Earned lets employees manage the money they know they have.

Money Earned for your workplace

The Workplace Solution® with Money Earned®

Ganart Technologies’ Workplace Solution serves your workforce with a compliant and secure suite of financial and non-financial services via Money Earned mobile app and/or a convenient on-premises kiosk.

The Workplace Solution helps keep your employees focused on their jobs and not on money worries, improving company productivity, quality, engagement, retention and morale at no cost to your company.

Any Day Can Be Pay Day

Money Earned®

Money Earned is the patented flagship service within Ganart’s Workplace Solution. It helps workers access money already earned at anytime during their current pay cycle. Money Earned communicates directly with the employer's time and attendance system to confirm actual hours worked and the net wages that have been earned by the employee. The technology provides employees immediate access to their earned net wages as a payment source for other services.

Financial empowerment

Money Earned can be accessed via our secure mobile apps for Android and iOs. Money Earned is loaded directly on an employee's payroll card or optionally on our GPR card offered at zero cost to employee and employer. Money Earned is a new financial benefit to employees, empowering real time money management without debt.

Assemble Wealth

Assemble Wealth

Earn it, then get it©.

Money Earned can bridge the gap of long pay periods, covering financial shortfalls. If they've earned it, an employee can get up to 50% of their earned net wages to ensure bills are paid on time, address an unexpected bill or simply provide better meals prior to payday for their family. It is an employer sponsored benefit at zero cost to the employer.

How Money Earned® helps make ends meet without debt.


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