TaaS®. Run with it.

Ganart's patented Transaction as a Service-TaaS® platform enables companies to manage, extend, and deploy the Point of Service and ancillary systems that drive their branch networks.

What is TaaS?

Our patented Transaction as a Service (TaaS) is our revolutionary new software platform that enables the seamless end-to-end integration and management of terminals, financial institutions and service providers into a comprehensive value exchange network.

TaaS - it works with everyone. TaaS technology is designed to integrate with any third party service provider and deliver the services across multiple hardware endpoints.

Like waterways, railroads, or the World Wide Web, our software solution is designed to be end point indifferent, to work in harmony bridging new systems, systems in place or yet to be invented.

It enables extended network investment life. Functional flexibility of deployed transaction networks can be further enhanced by the unique attribute of the technology platform, to push or pull new services to hardware devices deployed in field service.

Purchasers of the TaaS system can expend dollars only as needed and only where needed to meet customer demand change.

So, if a need arises to change the initial functionality of field hardware the Ganart TaaS software can accommodate this without an on site visit from a field service technician, even down to a particular network address. Therefore costs to upgrade or add functionality are minimized.

And rest assured, with the reality of smart phones and convergence devices being adopted globally, the TaaS system is built to work in harmony with mobile convergence.

Thus, the Ganart solution provides the purchaser of our TaaS system with new field functionality, extending the value and life of their initial investment.

It's secure. Being a software cloud that processes transactions, TaaS is compliant with PCI-DSS, PCI-PIN and AML-BSA.

We want to include everyone. Ganart believes all people have value. We're here to take care of the value of people’s transactions. We're here to make those transactions safe, legal, secure, inexpensive, global, accurate and convenient. Be it delivering money, information, questions and answers our quest is to help the unbanked and underbanked people of the world improve their lives.


  • Lower operating expenses.
  • True remote end point management (remote restarts, real time cash status etc).
  • Customized service development and deployment all under one roof.
  • Managed Compliance.
  • A true multifunctional kiosk that delivers more for less.
  • Workplace money everywhere (me) Channel Partner opportunities.


  • Expand business hours 24X7.
  • Complete self-service.
  • increase revenue stream by new service offerings.
  • Ensures timely and predictable receivables. No more slow pay agents.
  • Customized KYC to meet with your compliance needs.

Ganart TaaS Leafbank Concept

TaaS is pioneering a new generation of self service technology that can handle the myriad of tasks handled by the big branches.

Self enrollment and registering accounts, in full compliance is now being done. It's TaaS's nature of flexibility.

It's flexibility makes it possible to add in new third party products and services to create additional revenue. So, instead of a single branch, a bank can place more points of presence in more remote and isolated locations with more services.

We call the concept "Leaf Banking", because it's smaller than a "branch"... it's a leaf.

We've been running TaaS kiosks for our bank client for the last few years and it's exceeded their expectations.

Raking it in

One kiosk has handled over $1 million in transactions in a single year, with everything accountable and complaint, for one single service - Money Transfer.

Banks adopting Ganart TaaS powered kiosks is a way to expand banking to unbanked and underserved people. Branch banking goes to the next level, becoming “Leaf Banking”.

With TaaS powered kiosks at leafbanks, it's possible to revise service deployments where a traditional branch isn't profitable, and make it lucrative.

These "leaves of the branches" create more brand touchpoints at less cost to the host bank. Services exceeding the expectations of unbanked and underserved people can now be offered, costing them less.

It's possible to realize profits from these leaves via the reduced cost for service through the TasS powered Leaf Banking TaaS Solution and Ganart media network opportunities.

The deployment of our technology expands access to net new revenue without capital or reserve impact.

Ask us about Leafbanking.

Postal Solutions

Depending on the host country, a post office running TaaS point of service in every location can offer national coverage of financial and retail services.

In some countries, waiting for service that normally takes hours can pare down waiting to minutes. Services never offered at post offices can help redefine them to a new valuable relevance in the public’s mind.


The deployment of our TaaS platform facilitates new revenue and service offerings.

Media Opportunities

The media network created can be as vast as the number of post offices in the host country.

With the vast network comes established neighborhood demographics and potential to harvest more detailed data to serve customers better.

People will have the potential to visit the post office for transactions beyond mail and beyond postal hours.

Ask us about Postal Solutions with TaaS.

Post Office

Retail Solutions

A retail chain can install self service banking running with TaaS to better serve customers with new era financial services. Banking services means cash in hand with a better chance to spend it in store.

Simple registration at the kiosk ends time consuming compliance issues. Once enrolled, the customer with PIN can bring their transaction/bill pay/service list up without pecking around wasting time.

Services like bill pay, money transfer, savings deposits and ATM can be a one point trasaction session-unassisted.

At pre-set points new services can be offered. These can be from the secure side (banking) based on favorable habits. The offers can also be based on the soft data, from the retail side.

TaaS has the engineering behind it to handle couponing too. Kiosks can become power houses of coupon generation in electronic and paper forms.

And TaaS can handle advertising on the touch screen and the optional top screen, making ads interactive and transactional.

TaaS plans to make it possible to buy a product you sell at the kiosk via a voucher. All the customer has to do then is go get the product, take it to the register with the receipt and go.

The deployment of TaaS increases store convenience of customers through less expensive access to their cash.

Ask us about retail with Ganart TaaS.

US Embassy


Government deployment of Ganart's TaaS running multifunctional transaction kiosks can be adopted by any branch and networked to get money and transactions to wherever needed.

This system can function as a convenience for large government agencies in secure environments where employees can't leave easily.

They can also be networked for worldwide use at offshore bases, offices and embassies.

Also, the TaaS system makes payment of government services and disbursement of benefits more efficient.

The deployment of our technology creates a convenient access hub for multiple services and information.

Ask us about Government Solutions with TaaS.

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