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Transactional Advertising

Ganart Media, with the transaction power and data capture of the Ganart money everywhere TaaS® is the dawning of the new era of Transactional Advertising.

Ganart Media’s philosophy isn’t just hanging screens to show off content. We've gone further to affect data value that serves customers better. Data that can be used to put real value in a customer’s hand. It’s data that can help direct ad dollars to drastically individualized audiences. Your brand can become more of a best friend, a friend with tangible benefits.

Best of all, since it’s a transaction machine. There’s interactive commerce with real sales possibilities right at the Ganart me. Couponing, QR code campaigns, touch surveys and actual purchases are all possible.

There's media placement areas for ads on the left side of the touch screen. On some models of money everywhere machines, like in workplaces, there's an HD monitor that plays digital content too. All of the content for the media screens remains secure within Ganart’s backend data management center.

Ganart’s goal is to bring financial transactions and commerce convenience to the people that have never enjoyed its benefits.

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Media Placement

Left side touchscreen ad with future transactional capabilities

HD screen plays 16:9 digital media
(content not streaming)

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