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Ganart Technologies’ Workplace Solution serves your workforce with a compliant and secure suite of financial and non-financial services via a convenient on-premises kiosk.

The Workplace Solution helps keep your employees focused on their jobs and not on money worries, improving company productivity, quality, retention and morale at no cost to your company.

Watch how fast a money earned® transaction is.

Ken Goldberg
Gold Metal Recyclers


Dear Ganart,

Just wanted to get this note out to say that the Money Earned® service is a hit with us.

For years, as you know, we helped out our employees with pay before paychecks are cut. It was a time consuming process for administration and the worker needing the help. That cut into our productivity. We didn’t see a way out of it though, many employees needed it. It was a cost we saw as a HR benefit.

Since we installed your money everywhere machine, it took care of the productivity bleed with administration. The long lines during the week for this help are gone. Our employees are back on the site, working. If they need financial help they have control over it on their break time. It’s now a HR benefit at no cost just like you advertise.

Our team relies on the me machine. It fits in with our professional but familial approach we extend to our employees. It helps them, and helps us with amplifying productivity.

Your service makes it easy on all of us.

Ganart's Patented TaaS technology allows ISOs and MSBs to expand their financial service offerings to their retail and public customers.

TaaS runs on a closed, compliant cloud based architecture that enables ISOs and MSBs to manage existing and new services and onboard new clients.

The flexibility of TaaS maximizes revenue potential by being able to tailor services available to each macro or micro environment using TaaS's remote management terminal network.

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